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November 20, 2016

500 Startups ditches the ‘accelerator’ brand as it looks to differentiate

As of today, founders have a lot of options as to what kinds of accelerator programs they might want to try to get in to. There’s Y Combinator, Techstars and 500 Startups, among many others.

But with so many choices, it might be easy for an outside observer to not really directly distinguish between them. For Dave McClure — who wants to show that his firm 500 Startups can offer something more than the rest of those programs — that’s an issue. The accelerator program, which has been running for several years, is one in which the firm looks to put a lot of emphasis on growth.

So, starting today, they’re ditching the nomenclature as the firm tries to overtly show the [...]

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October 29, 2016

The Power of Negative Thinking

Different work cultures have different problems. In bureaucracies, there is often a problem with a culture of “no”. New ideas are met with negativity, and objections of “that’ll never work” and “that was tried already”. However, in the startup world we see the other extreme. Everything is awesome. Every idea is “great” or “disruptive”. Teams that obviously don’t have what it takes to succeed in the cut-throat marketplace are encouraged and told to “stay positive” and “stick with it”. Like most things in life, the answer lies in the middle. But, in this case, the middle path is the one [...]

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